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Unsolicited Perspectives - 6/11/2024

In this episode of Unsolicited Perspectives, host Bruce Anthony interviews Matthew Solomon @mattytheglue an award-winning filmmaker, bestselling author, and transformative social change expert. They explore Solomon's upbringing in diverse Los Angeles and his early awareness of social disparities, which fueled his academic and filmmaking pursuits. The discussion highlights Solomon’s impactful documentary 'Reimagining Safety,' which tackles systemic racism and police violence, and examines public safety alternatives. They also discuss Solomon's book 'Man School: Relating with Women in the Me Too Era,' emphasizing the significance of the Me Too Movement. This conversation highlights the need for empathy, decolonization, and strong community leadership. Tune in for an enlightening discussion about understanding societal issues and supporting community-centered solutions, emphasizing the crucial role of empathetic connections in creating real social change. Watch and Listen Here:


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